tirsdag 27. november 2007

New track "done"

I've never really liked commercial stuff, but I thought; "hey why not try out something not entirely my style for once?" This is probably the last track I'll produce in my bedroom with shitty speakers and horrible mixing conditions. Next up is a decent home studio in the garage, oh yes =D

Anyways. This mix has been a pain to make. And every mixer gets mad when the mix doesn't work at all (I did say bedroom and shitty speakers?). If you fix something, other things end up sounding craptastic. It's been an hourlong fight, and when you use more time mixing than actually compose the tune, then something is definately wrong. Maybe that's how commercial producers work, I'm not sure.

As for the tune itself, I'm not entirely sure whether to release it or not. Some part in me says, "Where did the creativeness go?" Making this mix has at least taught me many things when it comes to mixing, EQ, compressing, and pretty much everything technical. I haven't yet tested this tune on a broad range of speakers, but I'm sick of working with this tune anymore =P

Well. May you love it, hate it or just not care about it. Please post a comment. The most important thing is that people can hear it. It gives me inspiration to take the music to a higher level.

Sphere Zone - Filebeam Download

torsdag 8. november 2007

Zoned used in machinima! D:

Parts of the Final Fantasy tune, "Another Journey" is now incorporated in "Era"s new movie :D Really cool, I must say, the final product is gonna be awesome.

Visit Era's blogspot here: