søndag 30. september 2007

DJ Ruub and Zoned collaboration?

A fellow Horten composer, DJ Ruub has shown interest in remixing Heliosphere into a fresh trance tune =) I'll keep you updated on the mix when it's released.

New track, Heliosphere!

After a lot of work, Heliosphere is finally finished =)

Download it here: Heliosphere

Welcome to my blog

Hello fans, and hopefully new fans =) This will be my blog/news about new music, since I am too damn lazy to get my own homepage.

For those who didn't know, and care, I am a 17 year old guy from the tiny town Horten up here in the rockbed of Norway =) Currently I visit Bekkegata VGS (High School), where I take up Science subjects. In my sparetime I like to make music, and this is the reason the blog was made!

I currently don't have any server that hosts my music, so I will link to my uhørt-downloads. For you non-scandinavian people out there, it means "unheard".

My current material in good mp3-quality (256 and up) can be found on:
Just press the "Download signs", shouldn't be a problem=)

- Regards, Zoned